How does Power Chord Trainer work?

Power Chord C5

By applying a firm but gentle outward force between the first and third fingers, Power Chord Trainer simply helps you to achieve the required finger spacing that so many beginners struggle with.

As you move chord position up the neck of your guitar, there is a natural tendency to squeeze the fingers together. With the Power Chord Trainer fitted, it counteracts this and helps to guide your fingers to keep the fret spacing you need.

As you return to chord positions down the neck toward the head of the guitar, Power Chord Trainer helps to expand the finger spacing to keep you on track with these chords.

Practicing with Power Chord Trainer gives you confidence to move the power chord shape around the fretboard, developing muscle memory until you no longer need it!

Power Chord Trainer can also be used to develop the muscles in the fingers to aid other guitar playing styles too, from classical to shredding!

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Power Chord Trainer playing F5
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