Does the Power Chord Trainer help with barre chords?

Yes! Although designed primatily for learning and practicing power chords, the Power Chord Trainer also helps with the s-t-r-e-t-c-h that is needed for playing barre chords.

Although power chords are mostly associated with electric guitars, but they can also be played on acoustics and are a good introduction to other "movable chords" such as barre chords.

Power Chord Trainer helps you to get your head - and your fingers - around the finger positioning for moveable power chords, which can seen very strange if you're used to playing basic open chords.

Whether you play electric or acoustic guitar, Power Chord Trainer will help your guitar playing progress past playing open chords on the first few frets and you will soon be experimenting with moveable chords in different fret positions all the way up the neck!

Some guitar players tell us they also use their Power Chord Trainer in imaginative ways, between different fingers, to help them learn difficult jazz or barre chord fingerings like 7ths played with the pinky (4th) finger.

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