How do I play Holiday by Green Day?

Power Chord C5

OK, this is the most popular power chord song in our poll!

Here's how to play that iconic Green Day riff... for absolute beginners!

It comprises the basic power chord shape played on the 6th/5th string (E root) and on the 5th/4th string (A root).
Remember, wherever you play your basic power chord shape, your third finger is one string lower and two frets along from your first finger!

Each chord is strummed twice at a fairly low pace, so it's a great beginners practice song. Start off very slowly and gradually build up to playing speed, repeating again and again until the changes are smooth.

Guitar Chords for main riff of Holiday by Green Day

Here's the chord positions and their names:
5th string, 8th fret - F5 chord
6th string, 9th fret = C#5 chord
5th string, 11th fret = G#5 chord
6th string, 11th fret = Eb5 chord
(This describes the position of your first finger)

Basically just play each of those chords in the order listed and you'll be playing Holiday! Take care with your strumming, so that you're just hitting the fretted strings in each case.

Here's a short-hand notation, using String/Fret...
5/8 x2
6/9 x2
5/11 x2
6/11 x2
Repeat the whole riff 3 times then play... 6/8 x 8 (this is a C5 chord).

Note for absolute beginners:
# means "sharp", which is one fret higher than the regular note.
b means "flat", which is one fret lower than the regular note.
The "5" after the note name just means it's a power chord.

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